We have put a lot of hard work into creating a nice place for our
       guests to stay. Please respect our efforts by treating our
                        property and grounds with care.

House Rules:

      No pets allowed at this time.
        No smoking inside. Please dispose of butts in sand buckets.

        No hunting on the property.

        Do not leave campfires unattended.

        Do not leave food scraps outside or in fire ring.

       Please, no flushing of feminine products down toilets. Covered   
            trash cans are provided for this purpose.

        Please be considerate of other guests. Refrain from
            playing loud music and other nuisance behavior.

Things to Bring:

Bath towels/ wash cloths                              Camera    
        Toiletries                                                     Flashlight
        Binoculars/ Telescope                                  Bug repellent
        Coffee filters
        ( A starter of TP, paper towels, and trash bags will be provided.               
              If staying longer than two days, remember to bring more.)

Things to Know:

We do not currently have phone service to the cabin. Cell phone service
            can be good to none, depending on your carrier and reception. 

        Our wild animals are WILD. If you encounter any, please do not try to
           approach, feed or touch them. Photograph only!  We can not be held  
           responsible for injuries you may incur if you try to interact with
           the local wildlife.

        Rattlesnakes and Copperheads do live in this area. Please be especially
           careful if you are hiking in rocky areas.
        Ticks are prevalent in this area and are known to carry Lyme Disease.
           Wearing bug repellent and doing a "tick check" after being in the
           woods is recommended.

Even in the heat of July and August, the nighttime temperatures can be
            cool. Bringing a sweatshirt or light jacket is suggested.

        Have a great time!

Before you head home, please...

   Leave key on kitchen table.
        Strip used bed linens and bundle with used kitchen towels, leave bundle
           on couch.
        Replace any furniture that may have been moved.
        Wash and put away used kitchenware.
        Pick up and dispose of any litter (inside and outside). Place bagged trash
           in garbage bin at driveway entrance.
Please read the following information before your visit...
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